~ Recitals ~

"Pile's guitar playing is communicative and sensitive."

—The Scotsman

Randy Pile's repertoire spans the spectrum of guitar literature from early music to post-modern works and includes the most demanding concertos.

New York City composer, Vincent Agustinovich, recently composed several works for Mr. Pile, which had their premiere performance in New York and are now recorded on American Matador.

Notable world premieres include Joaquín Rodrigo's final large scale work, Un tiempo fue Italica famosa and Celedonio Romero's Suite Madrileña.

In addition, Randy has received international attention and critical acclaim for his highly successful production of "Guitar Music of Two Worlds - A Staged Recital" with sets painted by San Diego artist David Como.

This performance focuses on contrasting works and incorporates staging, lighting, props and narration. Guitar Music of Two Worlds will be heard this season throughout the United States, in the South Pacific, and at Scotland's Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

"I am delighted to present this unique concert experience brought to life through staging, lighting, props, and personal narration. The brief commentary between pieces provides insight into the lives and art of the composers and their heros, I will also share first hand experiences from my life as a touring classical guitarist. The performance begins with the intimate familiarity of a people's music, and ends in the splendor of a formal recital."

As a musical recital, this program combines quality compositions spanning the familiar to the exotic. As a staged recital, the sets become a means to captivate and release the imagination. As dramatic expression, the narration explores the aspirations and dreams of these men and their cultures, touching on their successes and failures, fears, and eventual triumphs.

A blending of music and theatre will enhance traditional recital formality into a richer experience for concert goers and for those who are first encountering this magical music.